Knausgaard in Chicago: “I Don’t Want to Write About Myself Anymore”

Last month, Knausgaard made his first-ever trip to Chicago, where he spoke with Sheila Heti at the Chicago Humanities Festival about literary ambition, the price of success, and the books he’…

Source: Knausgaard in Chicago: “I Don’t Want to Write About Myself Anymore”

Just A Bunch of Important Punk Records


13124570_10153927323707839_5901549785460563692_nBy now, I’m sure y’all have seen the horrendous “top 40 punk albums” Rolling Stone listed. While there are a lot of good ones on there, they left out a bunch of great records. And I mean, to be fair, so did we – it’s impossible to actually list all of the great punk records. I’ll probably decide in a couple of weeks that I left out a band or two and have to revisit it. I don’t even know how many are in this list. Anyway, my best friend Anna Theodora (AT) and I (AK) decided to put our own list together, because clearly, we know better. And I’m sure y’all do too. This is a “living list” – there’s always going to be more records to add.

The Undertones – The Undertones (1979)

This is the same band that wrote the “song so nice, John Peel played it…

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