Article: The Telegraph takes a look at Film noir femmes fatales


The Telegraph in the U.K. has a nice slide show if Femmes Fatales, with a few surprises on there. Check out the full article here:

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Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine

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The unthinkable has happened: four years on from initial rumblings, My Bloody Valentine have finally announced reissues of Isn’t Anything and Loveless, as well as a compilation of early EPs. The Irish noisemakers’ brief career gave the world a masterclass in carefully-produced dream pop and spawned a legion of imitators in their wake. A large part of the band’s sound was down to Kevin Shields’s meticulous approach to recording and sound manipulation, not to mention their ear-splitting live volume levels. The amount of gear the band actually used is quite, quite ridiculous, so I’ll just aim to give a rough overview.


Anyone who is even vaguely aware of Kevin Shields will know that he is synonymous with Fender Jaguars and Jazzmasters, so much so that the latter of which featured on the cover of MBV’s seminal 1991 album Loveless. Kevin’s use of the tremolo arm proved incredibly…

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Photos: Local photographer takes you inside abandoned train wreck that looks like a horror movie

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio– Local photojournalist Seph Lawless is revealing photos he took of an abandoned train wreck that looks like something out of a horror movie.

Lawless, known for documenting abandoned places all over the world including here in Northeast Ohio, most recently discovered the train wreck, which is buried deep in the middle of woods in Jefferson County, Ohio; it stretches into Pennsylvania.

A man who lives in the area told Lawless the train wreck is referred to as ‘The Trolly Tragedy of 1957’ and said it’s believed to be haunted. Lawless described the experience as something straight out of an apocalyptic horror movie. The Cleveland-area photographer said he’s now working with the popular AMC TV show ‘The Walking Dead.’ He said the show is looking into possibly using the train wreck site as a filming location.

Check out Lawless’ photos above and click here to learn more.

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The Way Some People Die by Ross Macdonald

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Last year, The Drowning Pool, the second book in Ross Macdonald’s ‘Lew Archer’ series of hardboiled detective novels, rescued me from a brief reading slump. Next up then is number three in the series, The Way Some People Die, which I’d picked up a couple of years ago following Max’s excellent review.


As the novel opens, Lew Archer, a private investigator working the suburbs of Southern California, is called to the Santa Monica home of worried mother, Mrs. Samuel Lawrence. Her daughter, Galatea (‘Galley’) Lawrence, a nurse at Pacific Point hospital, has been missing without a trace for a couple of months. Prior to her disappearance, Galley was nursing a guy named Speed, who had been shot in the stomach in suspicious circumstances. To add to the intrigue, Galley was last seen moving out of her apartment in Pacific Point accompanied by an unknown man of a…

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See Los Angeles’ Rough Past With Crime Author James Ellroy



It was 1953. Eisenhower was in the white house. The New York Yankees won the World Series for the fifth year consecutively. The theme music for the television series, “Dragnet,” rose to the top of the Billboard charts. It was also the year that Los Angeles had a record number of homicides—and more than twice as many suicides.

In the new book, “LAPD ’53,” crime and historical fiction author, James Ellroy and Executive Director of the Los Angeles Police Museum, Glynn Martin, take readers on a photographic tour of the city’s violent past. The eighty-five duotone photos that made the final cut are representative of a day in the life of America’s most provocative police agency.

“There’s no city with a police force quite as controversial, ambiguously defined and progressive as the LAPD,” Ellroy told TIME. “Geography is destiny. I was born in LA, the film noir epicenter, in…

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