20 Photos of Famous Authors Looking Badass


Here’s a secret: a lot of famous authors are, well, kind of badass. That is, they’re even more badass than you assume, if you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s already fairly cool to be a great writer. Or maybe they just got caught in some really good light. Either way, here are some extremely badass photos of famous authors, from Joan Didion to Harry Crews. What qualifies as badass for this group of images? Well, just like good writing, we know it when we see it.

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Christopher Alan Broadstone ‘Suicide the Hard Way’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

“Kill ‘em all,” he thought. “Let God sort them out.”

Have you ever read something and then sat back and said “Hmm, what was that?”  And so you go back and read it again. That’s how I felt when I first read Little Jimmy Combat. What an interesting and deceptively creepy story. Now of course I was eager to get on to the next story, Hellbound Hillary, again I am blown away!  Another story that impresses! Wow, I eagerly read on and I am not disappointed. This is such a great collection of stories, well worth the time spent reading.

Okay, I have gotten way ahead of myself here. I should tell you a little about the author, Christopher Alan Broadstone. Besides being the author of The Puzzleman novel, he is also a writer/director of 3 short horror films, all of which…

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