The Literary Girlfriend: The Lingerer

Dysfunctional Literacy

LIterary Girlfriend: Grades

The way I see things, it takes a lot of nerve to introduce yourself to the priest on the first day you attend a church.  Maybe you might accidentally run into the priest.  Maybe somebody else will introduce you to the priest.  But Daniella strutted right up to the priest standing at the center exit and introduced herself.  And then she introduced me.

Daniella said she had enjoyed the sermon (she probably hadn’t been paying attention).  She said St. Luke’s was a beautiful church (she knew the church had money).  The priest introduced himself as Father Patrick, and he welcomed us to St. Luke’s (but he hardly looked at me when he spoke, which might have been because Daniella had done all the talking, or it might have been because every man liked checking out Daniella and a priest wasn’t going to be any different).

Daniella was a talker, and…

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