After Dark, My Sweet (1990)

The best Jim Thompson film. Paranoid and bleak.

Wonderful Cinema

Original Large Theatrical Movie Poster Art Cinema Film 2009 Enter The Void We have already reviewed my all-time favourite noir, The Grifters (1990), the film adaptation of Jim Thompson’s 1963 novel.

Thompson’s 1955 novel, After Dark, My Sweet, has also been eponymously adapted to the screen; curiously, also in 1990. Again, this is a fantastic neo-noir adaptation of a classic tale.

Jason Patric, Rachel Ward and the inimitable Bruce Dern run circles around each other in this fascinating story of lust, love, manipulation and crime. Everything you want from a sleazy noir is here, and the direction and acting are pitch-perfect.

A special mention to Patric; he is a revelation!


You can find more information on this U.S. movie on Wikipedia and IMDb.

As always, we recommend you don’t ruin any surprises by reading spoilers or watching trailers. I know some of you cannot resist… but the following trailer basically lays out the whole story for you from beginning to end:


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